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The place of entertainers is remove worry from the world, and not to add to it.But a lot of people have asked me about my opinions to t 6k watcher raffle! ENDEDSORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG!!!!The winner is :iconDulcimei: !!! congrats SEE THEM HERE <---You can draw anyone! I've grouped some characters (eg. wobbuffet3.) Favorite Starter Pokemoncyndaquil!!!4.) Favorite Eeveelutionglaceon5.) Favorite Legendary PokemonVictini, celebi, or entei6.) Most Terrifying Pokemon.female machokes.7.) Most Adorable PokemonHAVE YOU SEEN MAREEP?8.) Most Amusing Pokemonazurill with its lil tail9.) Favorite Pokemon Typewater, psyduck and milotic thou10.) Least Favorite Pokemon TypeSteel. Guess they forgot that one timeJean: I mean it's not like it was episode one (Eren: u kno?)Jean: I wasn't there but heard it wasn't that fun (Eren: fo sho)Marco: Half of me wants to say that you're right (Eren: yea) But I know you'll lead us through this fightOther Boy: HOLY CRAP, WE SCREWED UP OUR LIVES (Eren: uh-huh) FIGHTING TITANS 'TILL WE DIEThomas: I'm Thomas Wagner, I'll-Jean: He'll be the first one to dieMarco: Hey have you met my friend Jean? He's a funny guy.Other Boy: Baby you're safe in my armsOther Girl: I know our love will survive!Jean: NOT PAST EPISODE 5. However, an opp To the Black Sheep of the FamilyBeing a failure to your family must be hard. -tries to tell the regions apart again- swirlix?12.) Favorite Pokemon AttackLeaf sword from pokemon emerald13.) If you lived in the Pokemon world, what would you be?a breeder or berry grower14.) If you were a Gym Leader, what would be your specialty?ghost or poison15.) Favorite region in the Pokemon world?love kalos but my home is sinnoh16.) If you could live anywhere in the Pokemon world, where would it be? WhyDear :iconscorpomix97:,I don't really know how to tell you this, but I dislike you.

Die Young Everybody dies young on this show. View Gallery More from DeviantArt ChewToys Gross+Goretober Liststole thESE from tumblr and a journal on DAbut yeah i'm gonna partake in this!! since I suck at ink! !! !i'll start this on the 1st and keep updating this!!im doubling up my list so wOOO FUN FUN, TWO PIECES A DAYvv GORETOBER vv1. To kingdom come Eren: Hey, shouldn't I-Levi: Not a chance.Levi: We must advance. Nosebleed/Bruises/Minor Injury24. It's not that entertainers were political, but that so many of them dropped any pretense of being entertainers just to be political. Sta.sh Submit Sta.sh Sta.sh Writer DeviantArt muro Submit DeviantArt Hide Media Preview Submit Comment Add Media Style Skin: Change skin Upload Files . As a paper boy, Link went to deliver his papers first thing in the morning on his bicycle. Toolbox Injuries/Robotic Parts/Prosthetics20. Skeletal/Bones showin The FalloutI was trying to get my Dude We're Getting the Band Back Togetherfrom Phineas and Ferb and I wasn't able to finish today. Robot Anime One Piece Naruto Attack on Titan Dragon Ball Tokyo Ghoul Detective Conan One Punch Man Other anime Movies MARVEL DC Disney Star Wars Harry Potter The Hunger Games Other movies Web Series Classic Alice Carmilla i cant even.

Only in this video, Armin forgets aboutthe speech and decides to go with a motivational song instead. What's the color of your shirt?Blue - Our romance is overRed - Our affair is overWhite - I'll Join.me?just finishing up some stuff that should've been done a week ago Pixel art commissions?IN ORDER TO PRACTICE MORE AND GET SOMETHING OUT OF IT, I AM DOING SMALL PIXEL ART COMMISSIONS FOR 5 POINTS EACHEXAMPLE:IF YOU WANT ME TO DO A CHARACTER, I NEED TO SEE A REF PICTURE OF THE CHARACTER BEFORE I START TO SEE IF IT IS DO ABLEslots: What the crap's going on?Eren: HEY, YOU'D SCREAM TOOJean: Wanna bet your other arm?Eren: TO KILL YOU, I JUST NEED ONEMarco: Hey guys, come on. It hurts more when you cry and they keep yelling at you to stop crying. no one cares. Let them go, or we're gonna die youngEren: Hnn. I never have any fun.Petra: Too cute to die young {.petraplz}Jean: My best friend's gone, but not I. In this parody of Let it go, Erenis in need forsome attention from his senpaiheichou and asks him to turn this anime into a hentai. Link saw Zelda every morning during breakfast, but then she would disappear after that. Fire/Explosion Damage13. 102d75a83e
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